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Have you Heard of Adehulm?????

All of us are shocked by the rise of Medicare Part B premiums. It went up a whopping 14.5% this year in 2022. CMS has put some of the blame on the uncertainty of the drug Aduhelm.

Aduhelm is a drug used for Alzheimer's treatment and cost $56,000 a year. On December 20, 2021 Biogen did announce that they will reduce the cost of the drug by 50% to $28,200. If Medicare decides to cover this drug it will fall under Medicare Part B.

According to some estimates, if 500,000 people on Medicare are prescribed Aduhelm, Medicare Part B premiums will go up $97 per year. That comes out to $8 per month. Also, Medicare Supplement premiums would go up, because these plans will cover the 20% of the treatment cost.

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