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What is with all these Medicare Advantage Ads?

If you haven't noticed already you soon will, starting October 1 is when the federal law allows companies and brokers to start advertising for AEP. AEP stands for annual enrollment period and it runs from October 15 thru December 7. This is a set time each year were you can change your Medicare coverage if you want to and it will go into effect January 1.

What Changes can I make in AEP?

The most popular change made during AEP in Wyoming is to change ones Part D plan (prescription drug plan). People may change their Part D plans for many reasons which include: having changed their prescription drugs due to health changes, their former plan may have dropped their pharmacy, or their current plan may have change and doesn't fit their needs. Whatever reason it maybe this is the period of time you can change your Part D plans.

You can also join or disenroll into a Medicare Advantage plan. Wyoming is still limited on how many Medicare Advantage plans they have, but each year Wyoming is getting more and more.

As far as ones Medicare Supplement you can change that anytime during the year as long as you can pass underwriting requirements. It is a good idea to review your Medicare Supplements each year as well to make sure you are in a plan that fits your needs and budget.

AEP is a good time to make sure you are in the right plan going forward into the next year.

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