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Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Learn what Medicare covers and how to get coverage for what it does not cover.

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 Medicare will pay for certain dental services under Part A if you are in the hospital.  This coverage is very minimal and is only meant to protect your health for another Medicare procedure to go well.

Medicare does Not cover cleanings, routine checkups, dentures, and most tooth extractions. 

There are two ways to gain a more extensive dental coverage.  One way is through a Medicare Advantage plan that offers this kind of coverage. Second, you may purchase a separate dental insurance plan.


Medicare will cover some of your vision needs, but again it is very limited.  One of the most common vision procedures that Medicare covers is cataract surgery.  This is a benefit once per lifetime and Medicare will pay for one set of standard eye glasses.  Medicare Part B will also cover certain diagnosis test (like glaucoma) and treatment of diseases and conditions of the eye.

Medicare does NOT cover routine eye exams, glasses, and contacts.

The best way to get your vision coverage is through an affordable vision plan.  Also, some Medicare Advantage plans may offer some coverage as well.

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Medicare Part B will pay for diagnostic hearing and balance exam if your doctor orders them.

Medicare doe NOT cover hearing aids and exams for fitting them.

Again, you can get some coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan if it offers that benefit.  You can also get a hearing plan that will help to pay for your hearing aids.

Dental, Vision, Hearing Plan

We offer one plan that covers all three of your needs dental, vision, and hearing.  This plan has no network and you can see any dentist, optometrist, or audiologist.  You will not need to worry whether your doctor is in network.

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