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  • Level funded insurance is a hybrid health insurance plan that combines the cost savings of a self-funded plan with the predictability of a fully insured plan.

  • ​Employers pay a fixed monthly premium to an insurance company, and may receive a refund if claims are less than the amount paid in premiums.

  • Level funded plans are a great option for employers with 2 to 300 employees that want to provide their employees with health insurance coverage while also managing costs. 

  • Savings - Can deliver a significant savings via a lower monthly bill and the potential for a refund of unused claims.

  • Flexibility - Employers can customize the benefit designs and choose the network that work for their employees.

  • Transparency - Help Employers understand plan performance so that they can control cost.

  • Level funded plans can be a valuable tool for employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

  • Offering quality healthcare coverage through a level funded plan, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee's well-being and satisfaction.

  • Additionally, customizing a level funded plan for their employees can help them feel valued and supported, which can lead to increased loyalty and retention.

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